Harmless Little Bunny Cat Ball Cat Bed

  • $89.00

Brave knights may run away at the sight of this Harmless Little Bunny Cat Ball Cat Bed, but your housecat recognizes a kindred beast when she sees one. Made with a luxurious white coat (50% acrylic fibers and 50% Modacrylic fibers, to be exact), pink eyes, and a full set of not so big, not so pointy teeth, this rabbit will charm your kitty in the time it takes you to count to five...er, three.

Please note that the ears on this rabbit design have a tendency to lay down rather than to be upright: this is a litter of lop eared bunnies.

The distinctive Cat Ball cat bed is hexagonal with two openings. A foam inside creates an unusual pet bed with thick, padded walls. Your cat can hide inside this private cave and watch the busy world go by. The small opening one is about 6" diameter and the larger one is about 10". The diameter is 17", and the height is about 16".

- Assembled in the USA, designed in USA
- Lined with a pink cotton fabric
- Pink plastic monster eyes
- Lop-eared bunny design
- Scary monster teeth
- Cute bunny tail
- Cold water wash, turn inside out before washing to protect the eyes
- Tumble dry on low, still inside out